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Half of Small Businesses Have No Marketing Strategy

And 58 percent spend less than six hours a week on marketing, a recent survey found.

Less Than Half of Small Businesses Protect Their App User...

Only a third limit employee access to user data, and just 40 percent encrypt it.

Over a Third of Small Businesses Don't Have a Website

Still, 30 percent of SMBs count on their website to drive revenue, a recent survey found.

77 Percent of SMBs Plan to Outsource Cyber Security Withi...

And they're willing to pay significantly more for a reliable offering, a recent survey found.

Only One Third of Small Businesses Have an SEO Strategy

Another 38 percent say they plan to invest in one in the future.

Almost Half of SMBs Would Be Shut Down Permanently by a M...

Still, 53 percent admit they don't invest enough in their own cyber security.

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