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25 Percent of SMBs Hit by a Data Breach Last Year Went Ba...

And 10 percent went out of business, a recent survey found.

34 Percent of Employees Would Take a Pay Cut to Work Remo...

And 20 percent would take a pay cut of more than 10 percent, a recent survey found.

58 Percent of SMBs Now Support Remote Working

And 58 percent of remote employees work from home 2-3 days a week.

Cloud Failure: Only 29 Percent of SMBs Back Up SaaS Data

That’s true as SaaS application usage continues to grow, with more than two thirds of SMBs now using Office 365.

U.S. SMBs Are Ignoring SBA Cyber Security Guidance

Just four percent have implemented all the recommendations, according to a recent survey.

U.S. Small Businesses Are Hiring Fewer Workers

The majority of small businesses just aren't hiring – and when they do, many say it's hard to find employees with the right skills.

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