The Not-So-Lush Reason Lush Left Social Media

Beauty retailer Lush removed their social media accounts, opting to focus on owned audiences instead. Learn more about the reason why today.

Instagram Democratizes Story Linking

If you've ever seen a business or influencer on Instagram direct their followers to "swipe up" to access a...

Rally Raises $6M in Funding to Make eCommerce Checkout Experiences More Flexible

Rally’s headless checkout solution connects nearly any ecommerce frontend and backend solution and provides customers with a one-click checkout experience.

What SMBs Need to Know About the Hiring Crisis

As Halloween approaches, one thing is striking fear in business owners unlike anything else. It's not a horror movie...

Salesforce Competitors & Alternatives

Customer relations are the lifeblood of any successful business. And as a business grows in scale, it can become...

Oracle Report: Consumers Worry Supply Chain Will Never Recover

A study by Oracle finds that consumers plan to change their buying behavior for the 2021 holiday season. Here's how brands can react.

How Shopify is Becoming an E-Commerce Powerhouse

You might know Shopify as a leader among e-commerce platforms, but several recent announcements have positioned the company as...

Facebook Outage: Small Businesses Must Refocus on Owned Audiences

Facebook's prolonged outage highlights the need for small businesses to own their customer data. Changes How Companies Access Audience Data

Most companies only have access to 75-85% of the data that their websites produce via website tracking tools like...

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