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Affordable small business websites

GoDaddy & Microsoft Make SMB Websites Easy, Affordable

A new joint-venture service provides practically everything you need to establish a small business website—for $1 per month. No tech experience required.

small business tips

Boost Your Small Business Intelligence

Our weekly roundup helps you stay current on the best small business tips, advice, strategy, and thought leadership on the Web. A quick hit of information to help you grow your business.

small business apps

A Small Business in Your Pocket: Specialized Business Apps

Business apps that replicate desktop programs are one thing, but apps that push into new frontiers? That's why you pay for a smartphone.

Small business automation software

EnableSoft Pushes Small Business Software Automation

EnableSoft's Foxtrot automation software frees up valuable time by making repetitive tasks a thing of the past.

small business data backup: HP RDX USB 3.0 Removable Disk Backup

Small Business Backup: HP RDX USB 3.0 Removable Disk Backup

Intimidated by data backup? Backing up ain't hard to do with HP's 2 TB RDX drive. 

small business finanace apps

A Small Business in Your Pocket: Financial Apps

Keep your cash flowing while you're on the go. Collect payments instantly, track expenses and billable hours, and keep tabs on your small business finances with these smartphone and tablet apps.

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