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Windows 10

Windows 10: Gateway to a Mobile Small Business

So long, Windows 8. When Microsoft releases Windows 10, it may herald a true mobile era for small business.

Small business security: phone hackers

Small Business Security: Hackers Dial Up Telephone Fraud

Securing your small business servers and PCs is an important step in preventing losses. But don’t forget a less-obvious-but-still-lucrative attack target: your phone system.

small business ecommerce holiday tips

Small Business Holiday Ecommerce Tips & Tools

Are you prepared for the biggest shopping season of the year? Attracting holiday shoppers requires planning, insight, and a few good tools. We've got just what you need.

small business web hosting

Understanding Small Business Web Hosting

It pays to think about your Web hosting options instead of just going with whatever company sold you your domain name. Here's what you need to know about Web hosting for small business.

Gamification and marketing

Gamification and Small Business Marketing

Adding gaming elements to your small business marketing campaigns can help you engage more customers longer, and it can boost your brand. Here's a closer look at gamification.

Paychex Flex mobile payroll and HR

Paychex Flex Paves a Cloudy Path to Mobile Payroll and HR

Paychex's new SaaS platform helps small business owners manage their payroll and HR operations from practically anywhere.

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