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Desktop as a service for small business

Dump That Desktop: Is Desktop as a Service in Your Future?

Managing even a small fleet of desktop PCs takes IT time and budget that you can use for bigger and better things. Does DaaS make sense for your small business?

The Small Business Pulse

Around the World of Small Business

The Small Business Pulse looks at what's going on in small business. Spread the love, people. It's good stuff.

Agiliron links to QuickBooks cloud-based accounting

Agiliron 7.7 Connects Retailers with QuickBooks Online

The company expands its multi-channel commerce platform by forming a link to Intuit's cloud-based accounting software.

human capital management for small business

Does Automated Human Resources Make Sense for SMBs?

Want to grow your small business? You won't get far if you base your HR processes on spreadsheets, Word documents and stacks of paper forms. Cloud-based human capital management can help.

small business marketing: digital gift cards

EGifter: Digital Gift Card Platform Designed for SMBs

A new digital gift card solution from eGifter integrates with existing ecommerce platforms and brings big-company features and marketing analytics to small business.

SocialProof word-of-mouth marketing

SocialProof Boosts Word-of-Mouth Marketing

A new cloud-based marketing analytics platform helps small businesses deliver targeted messages based on positive customer experiences.

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