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Small business start-up tips

7 Tips for Small Business Startup Success

Starting your own small business is no easy feat. These seven tips can help start you on the path to entrepreneurial success.

Plyfe interactive customer engagement platform

Plyfe Brings Interactive Tools to Small Business

This free platform lets small businesses offer ready-to-use games, polls, and other customer-engaging content on Web and social media sites—with no coding required. 

GIFs for small business marketing

How to Make Animated GIFs

Out of fashion for some years, animated GIFs are back in a big way, and they can add another element to your small business marketing strategy. We show you how to make and pin them. 

Microsoft Retail Experience Center

Microsoft Lights Up Beacons for Retailers

Microsoft thinks up new ways for small businesses to drum up big sales using Bluetooth beacons, mobile apps, and the cloud.

open source data backup

5 Open Source Data Backup Options for Small Business

Open source software offers effective, yet low-cost alternatives to traditional data backup software. We look at five open source data backup applications for small business.

EMV payment processing

Small Business Tips to Cope with the Looming EMV Deadline

In October, small businesses face a new, more secure credit card processing landscape. Visa offers some tips to help you make the transition and to avoid liability.

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