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Put HTTPS atop Your Website Wish List

The web is steadily moving toward HTTPS by default and now is the time for small businesses to adopt the secure communications protocol before they're penalized for dragging their feet.

Security Threat

Is Your Coffee Maker or Thermostat a Security Threat?

Hackers are using Internet of Things devices to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks and gain access into business networks.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Holiday Success

Expert tips on not only surviving the 2016 holiday shopping season, but thriving as a small business owner.

Small Business Security Tips for 2017

Cybersecurity expert Andy Malone shares his tips for keeping your small business data safe in the coming year.

EMV Chip Cards Make for Happier Holidays

The enhanced fraud-prevention features present in EMV chip debit and credit cards are giving small businesses reason to celebrate, finds a new report from Visa.

Protect Your Android Device with These Antivirus Apps

Protecting against everything from malware to unauthorized access, antivirus solutions are a must for mobile users.

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