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small business productivity apps

A Small Business in Your Pocket: Productivity Apps

With a smartphone or tablet and the right productivity apps, you can edit a report, check a spreadsheet, tweak a presentation or take a meeting—anytime, anywhere. We share five of our favorites.

small business security: data breaches

Small Businesses at Risk of Point-of-Sale Data Breaches

A security lapse put Home Depot in the news for all the wrong reasons. Here's why you need to protect credit card data and prevent a data breach from wrecking your small business security.

small business tips

The Small Business Week in Review

What happened this week in small business technology? From ecommerce to finance to marketing to SEO and beyond, you'll find great tips and ideas to help grow your business.

Mac security: Flextivity

Intego Flextivity: Cloud-Based Mac Security and Monitoring

Mac security specialist Intego helps small businesses that love their Macs cope with threats to both their data and to employee productivity with new cloud services offerings.

Small business SEO and Google Pigeon Update

Don’t Let Google Pigeon Give Your Biz the Bird

Google's latest update may cause pain and confusion for small businesses that rely on local search. Here's what you need to know to bounce back in the search rankings.

small business VoIP systems

5 Questions to Ask About Small Business VoIP

VoIP phone systems can be a smart investment for small businesses. Here's what you need to consider as you look for the right VoIP system for your business.

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