Oh Snap &#151 Adaptec Debuts Three Storage Servers

Business data is an untamable beast with an insatiable, consuming need for storage. OK, so maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but still, the one thing small businesses can’t get enough of is storage. Adaptec‘s latest storage servers, the Snap Server 110, 210 and 410, attempt to fill the gap.

Snap servers have been around for more than 10 years — which by our admittedly un-scientific calculations (where tech years equal dog years), adds up to a heck of a long time. “Snap has always focused on small business,” says Ken Claffey, a product manager for Adaptec. “Our servers are designed to be easy to use for people with nonspecific tech expertise. They’re brain-dead simple, and they always have been.”

In the past, entry-level Snap servers came with an entry-level operating system. That’s changed with the advent of these new servers. Adaptec says that its high-end GuardianOS is now standard across the entire Snap product line. “The GuardianOS is designed for file sharing and storage applications,” says Claffey. “It’s efficient, wizard-based and provides secure, 128-bit SSL encryption.”

Claffey says the new servers also support both file-level and block-level data. That means, for example, you can use one server to store both files, such as Word docs for PowerPoint decks, and database applications. The advantage, he says, is that you can allocate space on the server for file sharing (say 500GB) and dedicate another 500GB for database transactions. You can also change those allocations at any time as your company’s needs determine.

Adaptec's Snap Server 210
Big Bin: Adaptec’s Snap Server 210 holds up to one terabyte of data.

Adaptec says the Snap 110, 210 and 410 servers are designed to be used on a standalone basis or in a remote or branch office as part of a centrally managed distributed storage server network. Here’s more detailed information on each server.

Snap Server 110
Available now in three configurations, the 110 is a one-drive desktop box. Capacity ranges from 160- to 250- to 500GB. Pricing: $549, $649 and $949, respectively.

Snap Server 210
Available now in two configurations the 210 is a dual-drive desktop box that provides RAID 0 and 1 capability. Capacity: 500GB and one terabyte (TB). Pricing: $1,149 and $1,899, respectively.

Snap Server 410
Available now in a 640GB configuration, the 410 will also be available in both one- and two-terabyte configurations before the end of the year. This four-drive, rack-mounted box with RAID 0, 1 and 5 capability will sell for $1,995, $2,495 and $3,495, respectively.

In addition, Adaptec also offers optional (read: costs extra) software including Etrust (anti-virus); StorAssure (laptop and desktop back up), EDR (replication), iSnap iSCSI Target, Snapshots, Netvault (local and network back-up) and NDMP (network back-up). See Adaptec for more information and pricing.

Lauren Simonds is the managing editor of SmallBusinessComputing.com

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