How to Share Your Wi-Fi Connection

The Wi-Fi Guru over at shows his true feelings about Windows 7 and then answers readers’ small-business networking questions. This month’s topics include ways to share a wireless Internet connection, methods for monitoring network traffic and explaining the terms “WRT” and “DD-WRT.”

For readers in the U.S. this is the month we give thanks — in this case, thanks that Microsoft has finally given us Windows 7. (And by “given us” I mean “sold to us”). Now, there are two ways to look at the release of Windows 7. One way would be to celebrate the dawning of a new age, perhaps with cheering and parades. Another would be to breathe a sigh of relief, in the way you do when the plumber installs a nice new dishwasher and you can junk the loud and annoying one you’ve been stuck with.

This November calls for the latter sort of thankfulness. If you are both a Windows user and a wireless network user, you’ll enjoy the fact that connecting to wireless networks—especially if you roam around often—is now, well, less difficult. I guess you could say that is the general pitch behind most of Windows 7: “Now Much Less Annoying”.

Q: I was recently staying at a hotel where I had to register for wireless internet access through an on-line portal. My traveling companion was staying in the same room, but of course her laptop would also need to register with the portal to get online. Would it have been possible to share my laptop’s Internet access so that both laptops did not have to register separately? – Michael

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