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If you travel a lot for your business and staying connected to the Web is vital, you might want to pack the EnGenius Portable Wireless N Router travel router in your gear bag just in case you land in a hotel or client’s office that doesn’t offer a Wi-Fi connection.

It’ll give you more flexibility about where you work, since you won’t be tethered to an Ethernet cable. It also lets you provide Wi-Fi access to your travel companions (aka co-workers), and since EnGenius Portable Wireless N Router travel router doesn’t use 3G broadband, you don’t have to pay a dime for service. Our sister site,, has the full review.

Travel routers, portable Wi-Fi routers for use in places where an Ethernet connection is available but there is no wireless, are perhaps not as popular or necessary as they once were, partly because Wi-Fi connectivity is now so ubiquitous.

But they are sometimes still needed. We spent three days at a conference in Las Vegas earlier this year, staying at a major hotel where the only connection in the rooms was an Ethernet cable that came out of the wall behind the TV. The hotel thoughtfully provided a long coil of cable because the desk was 10 feet across the room on another wall. With cable extended, we could also hang out our laundry.

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