OfficeTimes Release Retina-Optimized Time Tracker for iPad

OfficeTime takes keeping an eye on the time to a whole new level. The company recently released a retina-optimized version of its OfficeTime expense- and time-tracking app for the iPad tablet. According to OfficeTime, the new version makes use of the high-resolution retina display found in the new iPad to give users a crystal clear view of how much time they spend on various projects throughout their day.

Track Billable Hours with OfficeTime for iPad

OfficeTime was designed to meet the needs of workers who bill by the hour, such as freelancers and contract employees. Freelancers can quickly track their billable hours and check at any time to see how they stack-up against a fixed cost estimate, while contract employees can easily track and report their productivity.

People who don’t own or use an iOS-based iPad and iPhone will be glad to learn that OfficeTime is also available for the PC and Mac OS X. Moreover, a Linux version is in the works, according to the company’s website. Data can be wirelessly synchronized between the mobile and desktop versions.

Specially optimized for the touch interface of the iPad and iPhone, the app version’s common project tasks are preselected to minimize the number of finger taps it takes to perform an action; and you can edit everything with a tap. The interface, which has been designed to simplify recording of time and expenses, is one of the main selling points.

The company prides itself on the simplicity of the solution, which includes the capability to generate one-touch reports. What impressed me is its team reporting tool, which combines the entire team’s data to produce cross-team reports. You can also tally multiple disparate projects to determine which projects are under (or over) the budget.

OfficeTime for the iOS platform (iPhone and iPad) is available in the App Store for $7.99. You can purchase the PC and Mac versions at for $47.  All prices are one-time payments, with no recurring fees. Finally, OfficeTime comes with a 21-day trial for Windows, as well as a 120-day money-back guarantee if the app fails to increase your efficiency.

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