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Free Graphics Store; Web tools, online resources
The Free Graphics Store
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The Free Graphics Store

“Free” is the most overused word on the Internet, but in this case, the Free Graphics Store really does mean it.  This Web tool delivers exactly what it advertises: free graphics. 

The site offers a huge list of free graphics that you can use for your website design. For example, you can choose 15 Everyday Objects, 18 Assorted Graphics, 48 Bullets, Animations, Icons, Backgrounds, Tiled Backgrounds. That’s just a small sampling; the list goes on and on.

Now is the site really free?  Where can you use these graphics, and are there any restrictions? It says you’re free to use them on private or commercial sites.  You can’t resell them, you can’t claim them as yours, and you can’t copy their pages.  You just have to download the items you want. 

Clicking on the extras menu at the very top of the page gives you even more freebies that you can use on your website or in any business application that you have.  If you need design elements for your website, go take a look at the Free Graphics Store. 

Instant Domain Search; Web tools, online resources
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Searching for an available domain name used to be a royal pain in the well, you know. I used to brainstorm for a new domain name — I’m sure you’ll relate to this — by going to a site like and typing my idea into the search box.

Then I’d wait for the results to come back, which took ages. And of course, I’d have to repeat the process for each variation that I wanted.

That’s what I used to do until I found this super-duper cool Web tool: InstantDomainSearch

Now, I have no idea how they do it but as you type your ideas into the search box, you instantly see whether a domain is available as a .com, a .net or a .org.  Absolutely brilliant!  I hope you can benefit from this nifty Web tool.

Membership Site Advisor

Here’s a Web tool designed to help you develop a paid membership site.  It’s called MembershipSiteAdvisor.  It offers a variety of resources to help you earn income from your own membership site — including the free software to run it.  You know what we mean by a membership site, right?  Like Nifty Clicks; Web tools, online resources
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On the home page you’ll find a list of articles related to developing a membership site.  For example, an article called Building an AdSense-driven site asks the question which generates more income – a free site monetized by AdSense, a paid membership site, or some combination of the two?  

That’s an interesting question. Of course, to get the answer you need to be a member.  MembershipSiteAdvisor charges $19.95 for one-month access.

Some of the resources that are available to members include real-life case studies, free membership management software, audio tutorials, and of course the articles. 

The site does offer some free content: a mini-course on creating a membership site from scratch.  Well, you do have to enter your email and name to get at it, though. 

Here’s what I got after I entered my email: an audio interview with the editor of and a video — or at least part of one — documenting the creation of a membership site.  The entire video is restricted to paying subscribers. 

If you’re passionate about a topic, why not turn it into your own paid membership website?   MembershipSiteAdvisor might well give you all the information and encouragement you need to be successful at it.

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