The Best E-commerce Platforms For Small Business

Open Forum: The Best E-commerce Platforms For Small Business

TJ McCue gives a nod to hosted platforms such as Google Checkout and PayPal, but focuses here on paid-for, on-premise solutions that are easy to use for non-techies and will scale easily as your business grows.

“E-commerce is not just about an online cash register where a customer clicks, ‘Add to Cart’ and that’s it. Online stores are undergoing a shift as “social commerce” starts to take hold and loyal customers have a chance to promote your brand and store. Your customers and prospects expect an easy-to-use shopping experience. These seven web-based applications offer a diverse set of tools and components to make your online store a success.

For this roundup, I chose only paid carts, no free offerings. There are a plethora of good, free, open source shopping carts out there, but this review is meant for the busy retailer or startup that needs a fast and simple option to set up a robust store that can scale. Open source scales, but is not always user-friendly for the non-tech business owner.”

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