Compressed Air Keeps It Clean: A Small Business Tech Tip

No doubt you’ve bought cans of compressed air to clean out your keyboard, or maybe you’ve even cracked open your PC to give it a good dust off. But those cans aren’t cheap, and dust, pet hair and assorted other detritus can cause computers to overheat and otherwise perform poorly.

Fortunately, you can solve the problem of accumulated dust and save the environment at the same time. Our sister site, Linux Planet has all the dirty details.

My home computers live in a dirty environment; out here in the country we have real dirt and lots of it. So I take them outside a couple of times a year and blow out all the accumulated dirt and bugs. Sometimes it’s enough to plant potatoes.

I quit using canned air because it’s feeble and it’s expensive, both to me and to the environment. How many millions of those one-use cans are cluttering landfills? I tried using a Eureka Mighty Mite vacuum cleaner. That worked OK after I cobbled up an extra-narrow nozzle out of 3/8″ clear tubing.

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