Web Tool Matches Star Power with Product Promos

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd or to put your business on the map, and you’ve got a bit of small business marketing budget to spare (hey, it could happen), you’ll want to know about this under-the-radar Web resource. The site is called OctagonFirstCall.com.

Now, it’s a little difficult to describe what this Web service does, but I’ll try; the company’s in celebrity acquisition and engagement. Now you wouldn’t use this service if you own a coffee shop. This is really designed for somewhat larger companies or small businesses with somewhat larger budgets, OK?

OctagonFirstCall matches your company with the right spokesperson. In their words, their team helps brands, their ad agencies and non-profit organizations by assessing the business value of celebrities. They then negotiate a partnership between the celebrity and your company, and they provide fast, accurate information and recommend talent based on a whole bunch of factors, including the relevance to your company, their points of differentiation — whatever that is — and their cost.

You can see the results of their work on things like TV commercials, webisodes, publicity programs, talk shows and so forth. For example, they did a campaign for Victory motorcycles. Victory motorcycles came to them and said they needed somebody for a Web video, and what they found was the Gunney. Check out the video — you may recognize this guy. He’s been in movies, he’s an actual Marine Corp drill instructor (a former one), and they thought he would be a great spokesperson for Victory motorcycles.

screen shot of OctagonFirstCall.com websiteThe site offers another feature called This Week on Talk Shows, where they highlight celebrities making the rounds of talk shows. People like Scotty McCreery the season 10 Idol winner, Kim Kardashian, all these people I don’t particularly like, but you know the public loves them, and that’s why they are good spokespersons.

In the category called Celebrity Insight, they have topics like Men to Watch This Fall TV Season, you know, featuring the guys who are going to be really popular; or Fall TV New Shows: Five Marketable Ladies; and Jane Lynch’s Slow Climb to Emmy Host. Over on the site tag cloud, the most important topic listed is — wouldn’t you know it — Dancing with the Stars.

You know, this site is almost like Entertainment Tonight, those Hollywood-news types of TV shows, but from a different angle. At OctagonFirstCall they’re talking about how these personalities can help sell your product, and that’s the important part.

Octagon FirstCall takes a look at your company, your products, your services and what you have to offer. Then they look at the whole roster of talent of spokespeople who can represent your product, and they make the match.

Again, this is probably not an inexpensive service, but depending on your needs and budget, it could be worthwhile. OctagonFirstCall represents that coming together of the celebrities and the brands. Check them out, and get your own celebrity.

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