by Amy H. Blankstein

The problem with the Internet isn’t a lack of information. The real issue is finding dependable information quickly. provides advice for people who don’t have the time to spend in search of technology help and tools.

Information seekers can ask questions through live chat or via e-mail. If technicians can’t get to the bottom of an issue based on your description, they can tinker with your computer through a remote-support option. There’s a variety of tools and information available as well. Tutorials walk visitors through processes ranging from how to save a Word document to Photoshop airbrushing techniques. If the information isn’t on the site, Tech24 provides links to corporate Web sites. In addition, Tech24 offers its users access to virus and security-update scans, as well as backup services.

The site isn’t the one-stop information shop it purports to be — at least not yet. At press time, Tech24 claimed to support all types of hardware and software. The site is equipped to support most platforms, but Mac users have to wait until at least March to be able to access live chat, remote support, and tutorials. In the meantime, however, Tech24’s staff can answer Mac-related questions via e-mail.

Navigation through the site could be improved. Text sprawls horizontally across the page, requiring viewers to scroll endlessly back and forth to read instructions, and the data and virus scans can only be reached through certain pages. Regardless, contains valuable information and is a useful first stop.

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