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Every week Andrew Lock offers entertaining, real-world examples of how you can make your small business marketing more effective. Should Wi-Fi in the sky get a thumbs up or down? Tired of waiting for video that just won’t load? And do you really understand your customers, or are you poised to make a colossal marketing blunder that could lose you business?

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Have you noticed the trend for airlines to install and offer Wi-Fi on their planes? Delta and Virgin America seem to be first in on the act, but others are following. Although I am somewhat of a gadget geek and enjoy being connected, I also happen to like the times when I’m forced to be disconnected, as on flights. So, with this new trend, I’m wondering if there’ll soon be anywhere on the planet where we can’t be reached? Does this concern you? Do you believe we should or should not have Wi-Fi on planes?

This week’s ‘Ask Andrew’ question is all about how to get reliable video streaming. It’s worth reminding ourselves that online video is nothing short of a miracle — considering the size of the information that’s being forced down a tiny copper cable every few milliseconds. We’ve already taken it for granted, yet the technology still needs to settle down for a more consistent experience.

I like to keep up on current events, news and trends, but I get fed up of the obvious bias from the majors — CNN, FOX, ABC etc. I’ll share a site I discovered that does a phenomenal job at keeping the news brief, to the point, entertaining and enlightening. Frankly, it’s a completely different experience of news consumption, and I’d like to share it with you as this week’s Nifty Click resource.

Our big marketing lesson comes from Blender, a music magazine that’s been around for a few years now. This is an example of what not to do, as demonstrated by its awful (in my opinion) subscription renewal form. I think you’ll be shocked when you see it.

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