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Mouse Trap
Many PC users are familiar with the aches and pains that come along with technology. Here we explore some different options of peripherals, more specifically mice. We chose four products that range from basic mouse options to wireless capability and sophisticated track balls.

U-Match Mouse
Aiding in network security, the U-Match mouse scans fingerprints. Prints are stored as templates that can’t be tampered with. The PowerVault feature of the accompanying software consists of a password consolidation utility that allows for one-touch access to password-protected applications and Web sites.

Cordless TrackMan Wheel
Logitech’s reputation for low maintenance shines through with the TrackMan Wheel. This device requires no line of sight or wires within a six-foot radius of the receiver and features a WebWheel for scrolling Web pages. The TrackMan Wheel comes with a five-year warranty.

Wireless Mouse
Desktop real estate has become a hot commodity. Intel’s wireless mouse uses radio waves instead of infrared; no line of sight is required. The device works within a three-meter range allowing users the freedom to move about. The mouse includes a scrolling wheel, an auto scroll option, and three programmable buttons. This mouse comes with a one-year warranty.
$69 including the base station

Expert Mouse Pro
This longstanding product from Kensington offers a track ball along with six DirectLaunch buttons for access to Web sites or applications. For enhanced productivity, there are four programmable mouse buttons that can perform limitless functions. For users who scroll, the Expert Mouse also has an integrated scroll wheel.

PowerBook G4
Only an inch thick with a 15.2-inch screen, the PowerBook G4 can reach speeds up to 500MHz.Featuring a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, a 56K V.90 modem, and a built-in AirPort antenna. Weighing in at around five pounds, the G4 packs a slot loading DVD-ROM drive and up to 30G of hard disk space with room for up to 1G of RAM. Plus the G4 offers FireWire, USB, and a PC Card slot.

3Com Megahertz 10Mbps LAN CF+ Card
Connect a Windows CE computer with the matchbook-sized, Type II CF+ card that complies with version 1.3 of the CompactFlash Standard. The card features a seven-language Quick Start Guide and low power consumption extending computer operation. The complete packages contains a 10 Mbps LAN CF+ card, six-inch connecting cable, six-inch extension cable, and diskette with installation/configuration software.

Connectix Double Talk
The Doubletalk software package, allows Power Mac users to access PC networks without the Windows environment. No network configuration is required and it provides access to files, servers, and shared files.

PowerFile c200
The PowerFile C200 DVD/CD jukebox is an effective solution for storing, accessing, and sharing media from CD and DVD-ROM discs. Compatible with both Macintosh and PC networks, the C200 features a 200 CD/DVD capacity. It also boasts an official disc-to-disc access time of eight seconds. The C200 is equipped with dual drives and is rack mountable. It also comes with Canto Cumulus 5-Digital Asset Management Software.
PowerFile Digital Storage Solutions

VST Tri-Media Reader
SmartDisk’s 3-in-1 USB media reader handles Compact Flash, SmartMedia, and Floppy Disk. The hot swappable device is bus-powered, allowing for plug and play implementation. The reader is also compatible with IBM MicroDrives (CF+). The device features a data transfer rate of 500 to 800KB/Sec for SmartMedia and Compact Flash and 20KB/sec for Floppy Drive.
SmartDisk Corp.

Toshiba TDP-S2
The TDP-S2 offers mobile presenters with almost 7 pounds of true 800 by 600 resolution and 1300 lumens. Added conveniences include multiple input connectors, a zoom lens, and remote control capability. The TDP-S2 offers both Digital Video Interface connectivity. Other useful features include auto synchronization, auto tracking, auto positioning, auto source detection, auto black/white detection, and HDTV compatibility.

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