NiftyClicks: Apture, Fawnt, One-Time Offers, YouConvertIt

Andrew Lock


If you have a blog or a Web site, and you regularly update it with new content or you’d like to, you need to try Apture. It’s a free service that allows you to quickly find and include images, videos, maps and music into your content.

The visitor to your blog or Web site gets a richer and more interactive experience as a result. And importantly, they don’t click away to another site to see those elements because they are displayed within your site.

The service works with Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and Drupal. I think you’ll like it, so check it out.


One way to ensure that your advertising stands out from the crowd is to use an unusual font. For example a font that ties in with the industry you’re in. The problem is where do you find these types of fonts?

Well, one of my favorite graphic design resources for fonts is called Fawnt. There’re always about 50 featured fonts on the home page, but the site actually hosts around 10,000 in total and ­­­­– get this — they’re all available for free.

OTO Page Generator

You’re probably familiar with the term “upsale,” which means offering the customer something else before they finish the transaction. In McDonalds the upsale would be “Would you like to super-size that for 30 cents extra?”

Actually I don’t think they say that anymore since that movie, Super Size Me — great documentary by the way, if you haven’t seen that. Anyway, online there’s a technique that’s similar to an upsale, but it happens after the initial sale. It’s called a one-time offer.

The idea is that after the person has completed the order, instead of going to a Web page that just says thanks for your order, they’re taken to a page that says something like, “as a one-time special offer, we can offer you this item at a very special deal.”

Now that process is a very effective marketing tool to increase your profits on every sale. But there’re two challenges: how to implement it if you’re not a Web programmer, and what do you sell?

Fortunately those two challenges are both solved with an amazing tool called OTO Page Generator (OTO stands for one-time offer). It’s a one-time fee of $97, and once you’ve signed up you log in to your account online and click “generate new OTO.”

You then enter your PayPal payment details, the price you want to charge for your one-time offer, and then you choose the products you want to offer.  You can choose one or more — like a bundle.

Now I should explain that OTO Generator includes lots and lots of pre-vetted, high-quality downloadable guides. That’s what you’ll be offering as your one-time offer. You just choose which guides you want to bundle together – the ones that are suitable for the type of business you’re in.

Once you’ve done that, click on “Generate my OTO page,” and the system will give you your choice of some HTML code to put into your favorite Web editor or a link to a page that’s already hosted by the people behind OTO page Generator.
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Whenever someone buys your one-time offer, the money will be directly deposited into your PayPal account. How cool is that?

Now let me tell you, I use this system in a number of businesses, and it works very, very well. About 30 percent of customers buy the one-time offer on average, so that’s free money I wouldn’t have had otherwise.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve got all kinds of software utilities on my computer to convert files from one format to another. I’ve got one that does videos to MPEGs, I’ve got another one that does Word documents to PDF and so on.

And it’s a mess because very often I forget how to use particular software, and I’ve even bought the same application twice because I had forgotten I already had it. This NiftyClick gets rid of all of that. It’s an online Web resource that converts file formats for free with zero technical knowledge needed on your part.

Now there are a few other services that have tried to do this, but this one really is streets ahead. So go to YouConvertIt and just look at how simple the interface is.

The really great part is the site converts over 120 of the most common formats of documents – audio, video, images, MP3 to WAV, Word document to PDF, Quicktime movie to Flash – it handles all of those, and it does it really quickly.


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