40 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

If you’re tired of constantly shifting between your keyboard and your mouse/trackpad to navigate around Microsoft Word, learning a few keyboard shortcuts might make things a bit easier. Keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows computers can help you work more efficiently and increase your typing speed—an essential skill when working with large documents that contain a lot of text. Keep reading to learn the top 40 keyboard shortcuts to improve your Microsoft Word productivity.

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Navigation shortcuts help you move around the Windows application. They have less to do with the contents of the document you’re working on and more to do with the file and window more broadly.

#CommandmacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
1Save documentCommand+SControl+S
2Save document asCommand+Shift+SF12
3Create new documentCommand+NControl+N
4Find in documentCommand+FControl+F
5Find and replaceControl+HControl+H
6Select allCommand+AControl+A
9Move cursor to beginning of current lineCommand+left arrowControl+left arrow
10Move cursor to end of current lineCommand+right arrowControl+right arrow
11Move cursor to beginning of previous pageCommand+up arrowControl+page up
12Move cursor to beginning of next pageCommand+down arrowControl+page down

Editing keyboard shortcuts

Editing shortcuts help you move highlighted text, images, and other elements around without needing to retype or upload them again. They can also help make sure the formatting for your document is consistent.

#CommandmacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
16Paste and match formatting of surrounding textCommand+Option+Shift+VControl+Option+Shift+V
17Copy formattingCommand+Shift+CControl+Shift+C
18Paste formattingCommand+Shift+VControl+Shift+V

Character formatting keyboard shortcuts

Character formatting shortcuts help you change individual characters, sentences, etc. to create emphasis or visual interest. It’s worth noting that only the characters you highlight will be formatted with these shortcuts; otherwise, using a shortcut will format all of the characters you type moving forward.

#CommandmacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
19Apply strikethrough formattingCommand+Shift+XControl+5
20Apply bold formattingCommand+BControl+B
21Apply italic formattingCommand+IControl+I
22Apply underline formattingCommand+UControl+U
23Change fontCommand+Shift+FControl+Shift+F
24Increase font size by 1 pointCommand+right bracket (])Control+right bracket (])
25Decrease font size by 1 pointCommand+left bracket ([)Control+left bracket ([)
26Switch between uppercase, lowercase, and sentence case formattingShift+F3Shift+F3
27Apply small caps formattingCommand+Shift+KControl+Shift+K

Paragraph formatting keyboard shortcuts

Paragraph formatting shortcuts control a paragraph’s alignment, text style, and other formatting qualities. Unlike character formatting shortcuts, you don’t need to select any text. Instead, the paragraph where your cursor is will automatically adjust when you use one of these shortcuts.

#CommandmacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
28Center paragraphCommand+EControl+E
29Justify paragraphCommand+JControl+J
30Align paragraph leftCommand+LControl+L
31Align paragraph rightCommand+RControl+R
32Create hanging indentCommand+TControl+T
33Apply Normal text styleCommand+Option+NControl+Shift+N
34Apply Heading 1 text styleCommand+Option+1Control+Shift+1
35Apply Heading 2 text styleCommand+Option+2Control+Shift+2
36Apply Heading 3 text styleCommand+Option+3Control+Shift+3

Special character keyboard shortcuts

Sometimes, the text you’re typing may require a special character that’s not easy to type with regular keyboard keys. Instead, keyboard shortcuts allow you to add these special characters without needing to copy and paste them or use a placeholder.

#CommandmacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
37Copyright symbol: © Option+GControl+Alt+C
38Trademark symbol: ™ Option+2Control+Alt+T
39Registered symbol: ® Option+RControl+Alt+R
40Ellipsis: … Option+semicolon (;)Control+Alt+Period (.)

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This article was updated July 2021 by Kaiti Norton.

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