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Wayne N. Kawamoto
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Strydent Software announced InkSaver – a software solution that’s designed to reduce the high cost of inkjet printing for Windows users.

According to the company, InkSaver is printer software that reduces the amount of ink used by inkjet printers – thereby extending the life of ink cartridges and saving users money every time they print. The software relies on patent-pending software algorithms that may optimize printer data so that an inkjet printer uses less ink. And unlike printing in Draft mode, InkSaver is supposed to deliver ink savings even when printing at the highest resolution and quality setting.

The company says that its software does the following:

  • Makes ink cartridges last up to 4 times longer with customizable settings
  • Works behind the scenes automatically every time a user prints
  • Tracks how much money is being saved
  • Works with any brand of ink cartridge or refill kit
  • Supports popular HP, Canon and EPSON inkjet printers
  • Supports Windows98 / Me / 2000 / XP Home and XP Professional

“The price of new inkjet printers is at an all time low, but ink cartridges are still extremely expensive,” said Doug Johnson, Director, Marketing for Strydent Software. “A so-called ‘low-cost’ $49 printer can average over $600 in ink cartridge costs after a few years. InkSaver delivers a simple, affordable and innovative way to reduce long term ink expenses – no matter what model of ink cartridge or refill kit you use.”

“InkSaver is designed to be flexible. Users can adjust the level of ink reduction that best suits their needs, whether they’re printing email, business documents, web pages, school projects or photos,” said Johnson. “If your kids are going through a lot of ink cartridges, for example, you could set InkSaver so that up to 75% less ink is printed on every page.”

Availability and Pricing
InkSaver is available in North America and Europe from computer retailers, mail order & online resellers, as well as direct from Strydent Software at or 1-800-663-6222 (outside North America +1-604-296-3600).Suggested Retail Price: $34.99 US.

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