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Wayne N. Kawamoto
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askSam Systems is now shipping version 5 of askSam, the compnay’s freeform database software. The program is known for its ability to accept and turn different types of information into full text searchable databases.

askSam 5 now offers a new Email Import Wizard. Users should be able to archive email messages (with attachments) from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, and PocoMail. For example, askSam is designed to import information from email discussion lists and email newsletters into searchable databases. askSam can also import email sent and received by multiple individuals (for example, support representatives should be able to create centralized databases using this information).

askSam 5 is designed to import Adobe Acrobat files to apply askSam’s searching capabilities across any number of Acrobat documents. Version 5 also allows users to “attach” files to the askSam database to maintain the original copies of Acrobat files as part of the database. Users should be able to link from askSam to view attachments in their original form in the Acrobat Viewer.

Other additions to askSam 5 include:

-Sort Search Results by Relevance.

-Link to Original Files when Importing – When importing a file into askSam, users can automatically have a hypertext link back to the original file.

-Remembered Lists – The ability to remember the results of a query or place random documents into a Remembered List. Search, browse, edit, print, export, or delete the subset of documents in the Remembered List.

-Email Merge – Email the results of a “mail merge” to selected contacts in an askSam database.

– 128 Bit Encryption – askSam databases may be password protected and encrypted.

-Programming – The Professional version of askSam lets customers use Visual Basic and other programming languages to enhance the functionality of askSam. Users should be able to create programs and utilities that access any of askSam’s search functions, output data stored in fields, sort, add, edit, delete, and more.

askSam Version 5 Standard is available at the price of $149.95. askSam 5 Professional is available for $395.00. askSam 5 Professional includes all the features of version 5 and adds programming and full-text indexing.

The upgrade price from any askSam Standard version to askSam 5 Standard is $89.95, from any askSam Professional version to askSam 5 Professional is $99.95, and from any askSam Standard version to askSam 5 Professional is $139.95.

For more information, please visit the company’s Web site at, or call 800-800-1997 or 850-584-6590.

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