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By Jamie McAfee

Since the introduction of digital cameras, storage capacity and features have been few and far between. Now several companies are answering the call. Additional exposure modes and aperture settings have been added, giving users more control. Some cameras even resemble traditional 35mm SLR cameras, while others have CD-R built right in. Here are a few of our finds:

Minolta DiMAGE 7
Similar to a Single-Lens Reflex camera, the DiMAGE 7 from Minolta features 7x optical and 2x digital zoom capabilities. It is equipped with a total of 5.24 megapixels. Made with a lightweight magnesium alloy body and built-in flash, the camera won’t weigh users down.
Minolta; 201-825-4000;; $1,500

Canon PowerShot G2
The new PowerShot G2 is a 4-megapixel camera with a 7mm to 21mm zoom lens that is equivalent to a 34 to 102mm in 35mm format. With 13 image quality settings users can select from three JPEG compression modes including Superfine, Fine, and Normal. The PowerShot G2 also includes 13 new exposure modes divided into two categories: Image Zone and Creative Zone. The Image Zone modes are fully automatic and intended to optimize camera settings, such as Full Auto, Pan Focus, and Portrait. The Creative Zone modes offer more control, including exposure compensation, auto exposure bracketing, and much more.
Canon; 800-652-2666;; $1,000

Sony Mavica MVC-CD200
Sony makes it easy to store more than 1,000 still images on the Mavica MVC-CD200, by offering CD-R discs. The camera can also store up to 90 minutes of MPEG video on the same CD. The Mavica also boasts a 2.1 megapixel resolution, a 3x optical zoom, a 6x digital zoom, and a choice of three MPEG movie modes.
Sony; 888-420-7669;; $800

Olympus C-4040 Zoom
The 3x optical zoom lens and 4 megapixel resolution offers users quality images that can create prints up to 16 by 20 inches. The C-series offers features such as Auto and Manual White Balance, multiple exposure settings to compensate for different lighting conditions, a two-frame-per-second Burst Mode, and much more.
Olympus; 800-622-6372;; $1,000

Nikon Coolpix 5000
Nikon’s Coolpix 5000 offers digital photographers a 5.24 megapixel option. The 3x Zoom-Nikkor lens provides 28mm to 85mm coverage, plus a 4x digital zoom. One new feature, Clear Image Mode, provides accurate colors, low noise, and smooth edged images at resolutions of 1280 by 960 and lower. The Coolpix 5000 is compatible with Type I and II CompactFlash cards.
Nikon; 800-645-6687;; $2,000

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