CoAdvantage HR for Small Business Review

As a small business owner, it might get overwhelming for you to focus on building a thriving business while also looking after all administrative and HR functions on your own—from recruiting to payroll management, bookkeeping, managing customer relationships, and other employee benefits. That’s why you should consider outsourcing the cumbersome HR tasks to trained specialists instead of handling everything on your own or hiring new staff and training them for the job.

Professional employer organizations (PEOs) are HR companies that handle the HR functions and employee-related tasks of small and medium businesses (SMBs), so they can focus on their core business. One such popular and fast-growing PEO is CoAdvantage, which provides a wide range of HR features.

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What is CoAdvantage SMB HR Software?

CoAdvantage is a PEO that specializes in handling human resources needs such as payroll management, benefits, workers’ compensation, and other core HR functions. With an integrated and flexible approach, CoAdvantage enables small businesses to focus on growth and improving profitability while it takes care of their backend HR functions.

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Major Features of CoAdvantage

Payroll processing services

Payroll is vital to any business, but it’s a challenging, difficult, tedious, and time-consuming process. When small business owners try to handle everything on their own, error-risk increases which in turn impacts other primary business functions as well as employee retention.

CoAdvantage payroll solutions can help you with several payroll functions, from payroll processing and check printing to filing taxes and preparing W-2 forms and a variety of reports. It also helps track employee hours, time off requests, and wage verification and streamlines the whole labor management process while reducing errors and increasing employee satisfaction. CoAdvantage offers comprehensive web-based dashboards as well as a mobile integration that allows you to monitor all employee activities and other business operations.

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HR administration & technology

In addition to payroll management, CoAdvantage offers a wide range of HR services including

  • Applicant background screening and assessment
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • performance & talent management
  • Employee training and handbooks 
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Compliance with local, state and federal labor laws
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Online HR Portal with self-service access for employees

CoAdQuantum Online Portal

CoAdQuantum is CoAdvantage’s innovative online HR portal that provides a secure gateway to employers and employees to access all operations and keep track of their activities. With advanced reporting and customization capabilities and integration with other software tools, it offers end-to-end payroll solutions, BI analytics, invoice management, and flexibility to enhance processing capacity.

Recruitment Services

From discussing your recruiting needs to developing whole strategy and job descriptions, scanning the market for talent acquisition, conducting tests and interviews, negotiating employment offers, and successfully onboarding new employees, CoAdvantage’s recruitment solutions can speed up the recruiting process.

Benefits Administration Services

CoAdvantage offers competitive and cost-effective insurance options for your employees including medical, dental, vision, disability, eldercare, accidental insurance, and 401(k) plan while ensuring ACA compliance.

Risk Management

Managing workers’ compensation and complying with all local, federal, and state labor laws is a complicated and critical process. With all the risk management and compliance practices in place, CoAdvantage protects you from unnecessary litigation related to wage disputes, harassment claims, safety programs and OSHA policies, and other worker insurances to build a safe workplace for your employees.

Major Benefits of CoAdvantage PEO

With all the features discussed above, CoAdvantage offers the following benefits for your business

  • Streamlined workflow—Simplifying all operations to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Talent Optimization—Employment packages to attract and retain top talent
  • Cost containment—Cost-effective benefit plans and compliance system
  • Growth focus—Handle your HR headaches so that you can focus on your growth
  • Expert support—Outsourcing and receiving guidance from certified HR professionals 
  • Business protection—Protecting your business from litigations and liabilities

Drawbacks of CoAdvantage

Though many users describe CoAdvantage as a great employee hub and one-stop-shop for all administrative and HR-related activities, it lacks in certain areas. For instance, one small business user faced issues with CoAdvantage’s tax filing feature and FICA rules.

Another user from a mid-to-large-size firm reported that the onboarding feature of CoAdvantage is pretty basic and is done on a one-by-one basis. For bigger organizations looking to onboard a large group, it can’t meet the scalability requirements. Also, some faced problems while integrating with other APIs for payroll management, which need to be done manually.

Compared to top alternatives, such as ADP Workforce, TriNet, Insperity and Paychex, CoAdvantage lacks certain advanced features including a dedicated risk management help center, insurance consulting, advance invoice feature, and robust integration. Also, CoAdvantage doesn’t provide upfront pricing plans on its website, but you can request a free consultation and personalized quotes by talking to their sales team.

Who CoAdvantage HR is Right For

Before choosing a PEO for your business, you need to assess your team’s needs and see what features a particular PEO offers. CoAdvantage is more suitable for small businesses as compared to larger enterprises. With an easily navigable CoAdQuantum Portal, you can keep track of all work operations, access over 70 reports with data visualization, and access dozens of online courses through the learning portal.

Though it’s an affordable and easy-to-use tool with basic payroll management and HR features, organizations should consider other high-end PEO if they’re looking for specialized, industry-specific benefits and advanced features.

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