by Jamie McAfee

Key Tronic Secure Scanner Keyboard
Instead of typing in a password for access to your network or desktop, users can now scan their fingerprints right on the keyboard. The Key Tronic Secure Scanner Keyboard is a standard 104-key keyboard plus an integrated finger scanner. Couple with Identicator Technology’s BioLogon software, and you will get an efficient and reliable identification system.

Key Tronic Corp.
$150 and up

Identix BioTouch PC Card Fingerprint Reader
A single Type II PC card can provide a laptop user with extra security. The BioTouch PC Card Fingerprint Reader lets users log on with the touch of a finger. By pressing the side of the PC card, the user prompts a fingerprint reader to slide out. Touch the reader, authenticate, and slide it back in. The PC card comes bundled with BioLogon Client for Windows, which provides control over who has access to your laptop.


SecureTouch 2000 USB
Another option in the biometrics arena is the SecureTouch 2000 USB. The simple fingerprint reader can be quickly installed on any Windows PC. A user holds the mouse-shaped device while placing a finger on the scanning module to allow access. The SecureTouch is supplied with a Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, and Me fingerprint authenticated logon and screensaver so no one else has access to your computer. It also comes with imaging software and SecureTouch PV (Password Vault), a feature that enables users to store multiple user IDs and passwords in a fingerprint-protected “vault” and retrieve them when desired with the touch of a finger. It stores, tracks, and sends passwords and access codes for Web sites, programs, networks, and files — all on demand. A parallel model is available for $200 or with development tool kit for $250.

Biometric Access Corp.
$250 with development tool kit

Acer TravelMate 739TLV
The business traveler is always concerned with laptop security. Acer has addressed this issue with the TravelMate 739TLV. The 850MHz Intel Mobile Pentium III processor notebook integrates fingerprint technology that combines software, hardware, and a secure PC BIOS extension called VBX110. The WhoIsIt security program makes a map of your fingerprint and stores it in memory. When the machine is booted up, the extension prompts the user for the matching fingerprint. If the correct fingerprint is not given, the machine refuses to boot. The TravelMate packs enough power for any mobile user with 128MB of SDRAM upgradeable to 512MB. The AcerMedia Bay accepts standard 24x CD-ROM, 8x DVD-ROM, 4x4x20x CD-RW, FlexStore LS-120, or 2nd 20GB HDD modules.


Siemens ID Mouse
The Siemens ID Mouse does more than point and click. This innovative mouse scans one or more of your fingers into your PC and uses the digital images created to block out other users. Fingerprint characteristics are established through special algorithms and are securely saved where they can’t be copied. The mouse offers a USB interface and a scrolling wheel for browsing and is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, and NT.


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Small Business Computing Staff
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