Appy Pie Brings Workflow Automation to SMBs

Appy Pie, best known for its no-code, cloud-based app builder that allows businesses to create mobile software that suits their needs, now wants to help small and midsized businesses (SMBs) get the most out of their existing apps.

The company recently launched Appy Pie Connect, a tool that helps break down the barriers between today’s most popular business apps, allowing SMB users to attain the productivity-enhancing benefits of automation.

Typically, big businesses can afford to fund the development teams, IT resources and data integration projects required to create software experiences that can complete complex tasks, coordinating among various types of data and applications in the background. SMBs, by and large, were traditionally forced to import and export data, or worse, copy and paste it between applications to get all their software and users on the same page.

The problem with this approach is the possibility of errors creeping in and the risk of working with outdated information due to potential delays in sharing information. Appy Pie has solved for this with Connect, which can be used to share data among 20 of the most popular applications used by SMBs, including Salesforce, Zoho, Stripe, Facebook, Gmail and Google Calendar.

Why should it matter so small business owners? “Connect is unique in extending a certain sense of efficiency to Small Business workflows by adding speed, consistency, and visibility,” Abhinav “Abs” Girdhar, CEO of Appy Pie, told Small Business Computing.

Appie Pie Connect

In terms of speed, Girdhar explained that Connect can spare users from mundane tasks that take time away from high-value activities, like drumming up sales or engaging with customers.

“For example, let’s say it was a company policy to upload all the client files to a certain Dropbox folder which would probably be done manually,” he said. “However, if you were to set up a Connect that would download all client files that were sent on the company Gmail account and upload it to a specific Dropbox folder, all the manual work would be taken out of the suggestion.”

Consistency-wise, Connect helps eliminate mistakes that take up valuable time to find and fix, hopefully before they spiral out of control and have a damaging effect on a company’s finances and relationships with its customers. “When the tasks, however, are automated, the chances of any human error are mitigated,” Girdhar said.

Finally, Connect addresses one of the biggest blunders that can be committed by an employee: letting a critical assignment or task fall through the cracks.

The tool not only synchronizes data among various apps, it can help teams and their managers keep an eye on projects and business processes, bringing them to a successful conclusion. “It is easy to lose track of, or not being able to find a needle in your business haystack when you are trying to track certain tasks accomplished by particular employee,” Girdhar said.

“However, if you are using Slack or email for managing your workday, Connect can add visibility to these tasks by pinging you whenever these important tasks are accomplished by the employee,” he said.

Appy Pie Connect is available now.

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