3 Mostly Free Small Business Web Tools

Andrew Lock

Every entrepreneur can use small business marketing tools, and it’s hard to beat free small business marketing tools. Well, OK, two out of the three Web tools here are free, but that’s still a good thing.

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Givemore: Get Inspired

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It’s good to start your day off with a bit of motivation and I have just the thing to help you.  It’s a free service from Givemore and it’ll send you a motivating or thought-provoking question each day by email.  The quotes are really well chosen, they’re nicely laid out too and you won’t get barraged with advertising by the company. 

You can subscribe at blog.givemore.com and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link that says “Email.”

WholesaleFinder:  Get Drop Shipping

Sometimes I hear from people who haven’t got any product to sell — they might have some ideas, but they don’t know where to source products from.  Well, there’s always one place I direct them to, and this might be helpful for you: it’s called Worldwide Brands and you can find them at WholesaleFinder.net

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Worldwide Brands don’t sell any products, it sources them for you or helps you to find them.  In other words, it’s a giant directory of suppliers with all of the relevant details of the products that are available to you.  It also provides all of the contact information, which makes it easy for you to buy from that supplier.

Now the reason I particularly like this resource is because they always do careful research before recommending and listing any company.  In other words, all of the wholesale suppliers are vetted very carefully to make sure that they’re reputable, reliable, and that they’re willing to do business with you. 

There’s more than 8 million products available through WholesaleFinder, and the company makes the whole process of searching for suppliers and then contacting them really easy.

Now, don’t ever buy lists on eBay that claim to provide you with lists of wholesalers — they are a complete waste of money.  So if you’re looking for products to sell, whether online or in a retail store, use WholesaleFinder.net, because it is a terrific, reputable resource.

Frengly: Get Translated

Have you ever thought about translating your marketing message into different languages?  Well if not, why not?  It’s a good idea to consider. I found a useful tool that I like to use to do just that.  It’s called Frengly.com, and it’s free.  Just enter the text that you want translated into the top box on the page, choose a language, and you’ll see the result below instantly.  Pretty cool!

Of course, you’re not going to get a perfect translation every time.  But it’s certainly good enough to convey your marketing message, or email or whatever correspondence that you want to send.  And really that’s what counts. 

So for quick translation tasks like emails and marketing messages, that kind of thing, Frengly works great.  For major projects, you’ll probably want to hire a translator.

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