10 Mobile Apps That Make Your Smartphone Smarter

A smartphone is a small business owner’s best friend. It keeps you connected and productive, and gives you the flexibility you need to get the job done. Still, there’s always room for improvement, and the 10 mobile apps listed here go a long way to making a good situation even better.

No matter which smartphone platform you use, mobile apps can help you be a business powerhouse on the road. Want to save battery life? Gotcha covered. Do you struggle entering text? Struggle no more. And that’s just two out of 10 mobile tools offered here.

Datamation.com has the lowdown on 10 awesome apps for smartphones based on the Android, BlackBerry and iPhone platforms.

For many knowledge workers, smartphones have become essential business tools. However, in many situations, they’re incredibly clumsy to use. Entering text, especially on touch screens, is difficult and cumbersome. Creating documents is less than ideal, and editing them tends to be a pain.

For many app developers, though, the smartphone’s limitations present an opportunity. Find a way around them and you may have an app hit on your hands. Here are 10 applications that will help you get the most from your smartphone.

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