Why And How You Should Implement Desktop Virtualization

Mainline: Why And How You Should Implement Desktop Virtualization

Mainline is a National Premier Partner of VMware, the market leader in desktop virtualization. This white paper looks at the business case for virtualization and outlines best practices for implementing the technology. (Registration required.)

“From small businesses to enterprise organizations, everyone agrees that ultra-low PC prices don’t mean much when considered from the perspective of the total cost of ownership (TCO). The cost of managing PCs continues to rise, dwarfing the cost of acquisition easily by 2-to-1. In fact, one respected technology analyst firm, IDC, last year estimated that the costs associated with managing PCs could be well over $1,000 per PC per year.

Companies are seeking an alternative to the increasing proliferation of PCs that seldom, if ever, operate to full potential. These systems require on-going and often costly maintenance and upgrading. Companies want technology solutions and infrastructure strategies that contribute to IT optimization, lower TCO, increase ease of use, and empower greater productivity of staff.”

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