Mobile Phone App Store Mania Will Cool: ABI

ABI Research: Mobile Phone App Store Mania Will Cool: ABI

A new “Mobile Application Storefronts” study from ABI shows that downloads from mobile phone app stores will start to decline after 2013 when the company expects them to peak at just below 7 billion.

“Today most mobile applications for smartphones are downloaded from “app stores.” According to ABI Research data, last year consumers downloaded some 2.4 billion applications from such stores, and the download rate will accelerate over the next few years until in 2013 smartphone downloads are expected to peak at just below seven billion. Apple’s app store will continue to lead the field.

That will be the high point, however, and in the years that follow, smartphone download rates from app stores will start a slow decline (although total downloads from all sources will probably continue to grow.)”

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