Business Intelligence For The Rest Of Us

Indicee: Business Intelligence For The Rest Of Us

Indicee, a provider of business intelligence (BI) software as a service (SaaS,) makes the case for BI as a service and shows how to analyze whether it makes sense for your organization.

“Business intelligence (BI) software and processes lend organizations critical
insight. With corporate data consolidated into a single, consistent foundation,
staff can track critical metrics, analyze data from many angles, and share
reports throughout the organization and beyond. The insight gained from
accurate, real-time corporate information can lead to higher productivity,
profitability and competitiveness.

But in the past many organizations have shied away from using BI because
installing it on-premise requires considerable investment in software, hardware
and IT resources. Instead they have resorted to manually consolidating and
analyzing data in spreadsheets; a time intensive process that is often plagued
with errors. However, BI solutions are now available as software as a service
(SaaS), enabling organizations to benefit from BI without committing to a major
IT investment. This paper is intended as a guide to help you determine whether
SaaS BI or on-premise BI is the best route for your business.”

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