Wi-Fi For Small Business: Common Misconceptions

ITBusinessEdge: Wi-Fi For Small Business: Common Misconceptions

Paul Mah sets small businesses straight on some common misconceptions about Wi-Fi networks – that going with inexpensive consumer gear is a good decision, that performance claims for Wi-Fi networks can be taken at face value and that site surveys are vitally important to good network design.

“I’ve written on both sides of the Wi-Fi debate in the past and have encouraged business users to set up a wireless local area network (WLAN) even as I point out that switching to Wi-Fi may not necessarily be cheaper. While wired Ethernet remains relevant in that it offers certain advantages in terms of stability and performance, the truth is that a wireless network is extremely compelling for the convenience it brings to the table.

As part of my series titled “Eight IT Projects for SMBs,” I want to highlight some of the most common misconceptions about Wi-Fi, which I hope will be of help to SMBs setting up their own WLAN. Below are some nuggets of information I’ve uncovered while speaking to the makers of wireless equipment, as well as from my own personal experiences.”

Small Business Computing Staff
Small Business Computing Staff
Small Business Computing addresses the technology needs of small businesses, which are defined as businesses with fewer than 500 employees and/or less than $7 million in annual sales.

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