Unbounce Launches New Conversion Intelligence Platform

Since 2011, Unbounce has widely been considered one of the best landing page builders on the market, and today they’ve launched a new AI marketing solution that signifies the next era of digital marketing technology. The new Conversion Intelligence Platform combines machine learning with the end user’s marketing intelligence to accelerate small business conversions.

“From day one at Unbounce,” said Tamara Grominsky, Unbounce’s chief strategy officer, “we’ve been committed to helping small and midsize businesses grow with landing pages. Ten years and a pandemic later, SMBs are experiencing a massive wave of competition and are falling further behind their big business competitors.”

At a time when most small businesses are facing supply chain challenges and labor shortages, AI marketing tools like those from Unbounce can help make room on business owners’ overflowing plates.

Smart tools augment conversion efforts

All of the tools in Unbounce’s Conversion Intelligence Platform—Smart Builder, Smart Traffic, and starting today, Smart Copy—were strategically designed to help with conversions.

Smart Builder is a landing page builder that uses artificial intelligence to determine which page layouts and designs are most likely to convert prospective customers. This tool takes most of the legwork out of competitor research, so businesses can create landing pages that are both on-brand and effective.

Similarly, Smart Traffic is a machine learning tool that optimizes landing page variants for different segments of a business’s audience. Instead of creating one landing page that everyone sees with the hope that some of them will convert, users can create slight variations of the same page that are relevant to narrower groups. Then, Smart Traffic uses data from more than 1.5 billion conversions to determine which variant is best for converting each individual visitor.

Last but not least, Smart Copy is an AI copywriting tool that uses GPT-3 to create human-like copy. Smart Copy can be used to create blog posts, social media posts, and emails in addition to full landing pages. It’s not a total replacement for professionally-written copy, but it serves as a starting point if a small business owner doesn’t know where to start.

Conversion Intelligence: A solution for the future of marketing

The significance of these tools is tied to the goals of the Conversion Intelligence Platform overall. “Our vision for Conversion Intelligence,” Grominsky said, “is for technology companies like ours to facilitate the pairing of the marketer and the machine, not one or the other doing all of the heavy lifting.”

Despite all of the technological innovations that can help businesses be more efficient, good marketing still requires a human touch. The smart tools in the Conversion Intelligence Platform are meant to elevate a business’s marketing efforts, not replace them entirely.

“We identified this new era of marketing called conversion intelligence because we believe the future of marketing is one where marketers and entrepreneurs are pairing their own creativity and know-how with the power of AI to produce conversions results that are unprecedented. Our ultimate goal of Unbounce’s Conversion Intelligence Platform is to help marketers and small businesses uplevel their growth while spending less time and fewer ad dollars on marketing,” Grominsky told Small Business Computing.

AI marketing tools give small businesses a competitive edge

Small businesses using the Conversion Intelligence Platform may find that they are able to compete with large companies in more significant ways than before. 

In a recent LinkedIn survey, Unbounce found that the majority of small business owners identified conversion growth as their top priority. Unfortunately, however, Fundera’s Small Business Marketing Statistics and Trends report found that nearly half (47 percent) of small business owners run their marketing campaigns entirely on their own. This means small businesses often lack the time, money, and resources to grow their conversions on the same scale as large companies.

Unbounce’s Conversion Intelligence Platform was designed to help address that need. The smart tools pool data from all of the conversions taking place on the platform and combine that data with proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms. Small businesses can then leverage the data-backed insights the platform provides to run sophisticated tests and grow their conversions on a level that’s competitive with large companies. 

As Grominsky explained, “We’ve designed our Conversion Intelligence Platform and suite of Smart tools using the philosophy that only when you pair a human’s know-how and expertise with the power of a machine will you achieve the best results possible.”

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Kaiti Norton
Kaiti Norton
Kaiti Norton is the editor of Small Business Computing. She is passionate about creating relatable, research-based content that helps small businesses thrive.

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