Symform – Another Take On Online Backup Symform – Another Take On Online Backup

Symform uses subscribers’ hard drives to store bits of other subscribers’ data so it’s impossible to retrieve without authorization and response times, according to the company, are very good. With a link to a video interview.

“What’s special about Symform is that it doesn’t just store data ‘in-the-cloud,’ but it uses a peer to peer system to store your data on a network of computers in the Symform network. If you want to use online backup and you’re frustrated with the costs and want faster backup speeds, check out Symform.

With Symform, instead of your data being stored just in one central cloud server (and of course redundantly backed up) as with other online backup services, your data is distributed across many computers in the network. Skype uses this type of peer-to-peer system to distribute telephony services, using Skype’s network of millions of users, to distribute the power of telephone across many computers, instead of one giant server room.”

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Small Business Computing Staff
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