Review: BearExtender PC Wi-Fi Signal Extender

Engadget: Review: BearExtender PC Wi-Fi Signal Extender

It costs $45 and does just one thing: extend the range at which you can make a solid connection to a Wi-Fi network. Is it worth it? Yes, it does, Engadget says.

“Signal. You can never get enough signal. Got full bars on your laptop? Something will come up, cause you to move, and then you’ll be down to three, and then two, and before you know it your downloads will be failing and you’ll be holding your device up and waving it around, hoping the fickle gods Micro and Wave will smile upon your plaintive dance while everyone else in the coffee shop sneers over mochas. You could avoid this scene with a BearExtender PC, a $45 device that will give you signal enough to curse them all and work out on the patio if you feel like it. Read on to see if it’s worth it.


We first heard of BearExtender back in January, when it released its n3 for Macs. That $45 extender from Berkeley grad Roland Saekow impressed our friends at TUAW and seemed like a right old bargain for those who operate on the very edges of WiFi range.”

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Small Business Computing Staff
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