Boost Productivity Using Dexpot Virtual Desktops

PCWorld: Boost Productivity Using Dexpot Virtual Desktops

Dexpot keeps open application windows neatly organized so you’re not constantly shuffling through the clutter to find the application you want.

“If you want maximum control over organizing your programs and windows, check out Dexpot (free). This full-featured utility allows for distributing your running programs among distinct virtual desktops. A virtual desktop looks the same as your Windows desktop, but a given program will only show up on a particular desktop. So you can tuck away your IM and e-mail programs into desktop #3, for instance, and stay focused on your work in desktop #1.

Dexpot offers a wealth of options for flipping between desktops, including a configurable hotkey (Alt and the desktop number by default), and an option to switch desktops if you keep your mouse at the edge of the screen. There’s also a desktop switcher that displays previews of each desktop with its currently open windows, and a handy task switcher that lists all the running apps on all your desktops.”

Small Business Computing Staff
Small Business Computing Staff
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