Microsoft Office 2010: Would You Upgrade?

Will small businesses fork over scarce capitol for the latest upgrade to Microsoft Office, or are they doing just fine with the productivity software they have now? Andy Patrizio at reports on the upgrade features and the challenges Microsoft faces promoting them.

It has not even been three years since the release of Office 2007 but already a new version is in the works. One of the great challenges Microsoft always faces when releasing a new version of Office is convincing people to buy a new version when the old one works just fine. How many more features, for example, does a word processor need, after all?

But with Office 2010, as with all releases, Microsoft believes it has a good argument to upgrade. For this version of Office, Microsoft is modifying its “three screens” motto, from PC monitor, TV and phone to monitor, browser and phone.

“Companies looking to be more productive will find this an asset,” Janice Kapner, senior director of information worker communications at Microsoft’s business division said here at an interview during Microsoft’s Professional Developer’s Conference.

“Clearly there is a demand from customers to go to the browser or do some work from a smartphone, and that is the aim of Office 2010, where it’s the same experience from one screen or another.”

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