Desktop PC Review: HP Pro All-in-One MS218

Can HP help bring small business owners and their employees into the flat-screen, Windows 7 era? answers that question and more in its review of the HP Pro All-in-One MS218.

Okay, IT managers, it’s true-confessions time: How many of your company’s employees are still sitting in front of CRTs rather than flat-panel monitors? How many are still running Windows XP? Would you consider budgeting $699 apiece to outfit each of them with a new desktop, a new LCD monitor, and Windows 7 all at once? How about a new desktop and monitor all in one, like Apple’s iMac?

Imagine an iMac in black plastic instead of aluminum, and you’ll have a fair idea of the HP Pro All-in-One MS218 Business PC. Read HardwareCentral’s review of the HP Pavilion MS214 consumer PC, and you’ll have an even better idea.

The MS218 is the same 18.5-inch widescreen LCD monitor, with the same AMD Athlon X2 computer squeezed into its shell, as the MS214. It’s priced at $699 to its twin’s $600 because its warranty, unlike the civilian model’s, includes a year of on-site service and because it’s outfitted with Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) instead of Win 7 Home Premium. The business operating system brings extra office-networking chops and (via a download from Microsoft) support for the virtualization solution Windows XP Mode for compatibility with older or in-house applications.

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