How To: No-Hands PowerPoint 2007 Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are a simple way to display information at a tradeshow or to entertain and inform visitors in your company’s reception area. Creating a PowerPoint presentation that runs itself without requiring any user intervention is no more complex than creating the presentation itself. I’ll show you how configure your presentation to run automatically and explain some of the special considerations you need to give to a presentation of this type.

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When you’re creating a presentation that will be made in front of an audience you likely do so with the intention of speaking as you present each slide. This way you can provide additional information to your audience.

When your presentation is created to be self-running and if it won’t have any narration design it to have all the information on each slide that a viewer needs to understand your message. Keep the content on each slide to a minimum so that the message on each slide can be easily absorbed.

Because a visitor may stop only long enough to see two or three slides, choose the content carefully so that even by seeing only a small number of slides the viewer still learns something about your business that will have value to them.

Use visual elements such as charts, photographs, and diagrams to make your presentation attractive to view. Animations such as having bullet point text items appear one element at a time also help create a more interesting kiosk-style presentation. When configuring your animations ensure they run automatically and don’t require a mouse click to occur or the presentation will never get past the animated slide.

Ensure that every slide in the presentation contains your company logo and is branded with your company’s information so that it is visually associated with your business.

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