Last-Minute Gifts for Entrepreneurs in 2021

The holiday season is almost over, and you might be scrambling to find gifts for the people on your list. Unfortunately, the current supply chain crisis has made last-minute gift shopping an even bigger challenge than normal. If one of the people on your list is an entrepreneur, look no further. We’ve rounded up the best gifts to give the independent business owners in your life, and the best part is that you can get most of them instantly—no need to wait in absurdly long lines or worry that they won’t arrive on time. 

6 Last-minute gift guide for entrepreneurs

  1. MOO business cards
  2. Masterclass subscription
  3. Day planner
  4. Calm or Headspace subscription
  5. POS accessories
  6. Subscription box

1. MOO business cards

Image of MOO business cards.

Despite how many facets of business ownership have become digitized, physical business cards are still a must-have. The entrepreneur in your life may have business cards already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them new ones that have a bit more pizazz. 

That’s where MOO comes in. MOO offers more customization options and unique finishes than other printers, like rounded corners, gloss finishes, and square-shaped cards. You can also choose to have a different design printed on each card for no additional cost.

If you’re not sure what kind of design your entrepreneur would want, you can start with a template or opt for a MOO gift card. You can have the gift card emailed to your recipient directly, which is perfect if you’re really pressed for time.

2. Masterclass subscription

Screenshot of MasterClass website.

Most entrepreneurs have one key characteristic in common: curiosity. Their willingness to learn new things is often directly tied to their ambitions, and a Masterclass subscription is the perfect way to support this curiosity. 

Your entrepreneur can use their subscription to access exclusive presentations from some of the most famous entrepreneurs in history (think: Starbucks’s Howard Shulz and Disney’s Bob Iger). In addition to business-focused courses, there are also ones geared toward leadership, philosophy, and innovation among many other topics.

Since it’s a digital membership, you can send the details about the subscription almost immediately. Plus, Masterclass offers a two-for-one subscription deal. If you buy one subscription for the entrepreneur on your list, you’ll get another subscription for yourself.

3. Day planner

Image of business person using day planner.

Most personal calendars are on a 12 month cycle, so there’s a good chance your entrepreneur will be due for a new one on January 1st. This may take some sleuthing on your part—you don’t want to give a calendar if they don’t need a new one just yet or if they prefer to rely on a digital calendar through Gmail or Outlook. 

Your entrepreneur might have a specific brand or type of day planner they prefer, like Erin Condren or Moleskin. In this case, it’s best to stick with what they like best. If not, you might have good luck at a local bookstore, and they might even be able to personalize it for you.

4. Calm or Headspace subscription

Screenshot of Calm App for iOS.

Another common quality among entrepreneurs? They are constantly on the go. Rarely do entrepreneurs take time to focus on their personal interests and hobbies, let alone their mental health. A subscription to an app like Calm or Headspace can help the entrepreneur in your life remember to prioritize their mental wellbeing. 

Both apps offer tools for meditation, sleep, and mindfulness. These practices have been proven to have numerous advantages, including reduced stress, increased attention span, and elevated mood. All of these benefits can directly impact your entrepreneur’s ability to effectively run their business, so it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

5. POS accessories

Image of Square POS terminal.

It might not seem like the most exciting gift to give, an accessory for your entrepreneur’s point of sale (POS) system is sure to be a welcome surprise. Before you make any purchases, find out what kind of system they use and what type of hardware they want or need. POS hardware with advanced features often comes with a hefty price tag, so it’s likely that these items are already on your entrepreneur’s wishlist.

Alternatively, you might consider gifting some resources that will help your entrepreneur get up and running if they’re just starting out. Many experts have published their best practices and guides for launching a new business on a specific POS system like Shopify or Square. These resources may hold the answers your entrepreneur is looking for to get their business off the ground.

6. Subscription box

Image of subscription box on CrateJoy.

Last but not least, a subscription box that’s tailored to something your entrepreneur enjoys is a quick and easy way to bring them joy even after the holiday season is over. This option takes all of the guesswork out of finding something you know they will actually enjoy. 

Plus, they’re usually centered around a specific category of consumable products like coffee, wine, or even barbecue sauce. A subscription box is an ideal gift for entrepreneurs who don’t have room for a lot of clutter in their lives.

Most of them are delivered on a monthly basis and can be tailored to your recipient’s unique preferences. CrateJoy offers hundreds of subscription boxes for all kinds of interests and budgets, so you should be able to find something that will work on short notice.

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