First Look: LaGarde StoreFront Accounting Plus

Wayne N. Kawamoto
Managing Editor,

LaGarde, a provider of SME e-commerce software and services worldwide, announced the release of StoreFront 5.0 Accounting Plus with Data Exchange Tools that support Intuit’s QuickBooks products.

The StoreFront Accounting Plus product line is the latest offering in LaGarde’s line of products and services for SME e-commerce. The StoreFront Accounting Plus product line provides merchants with tools for migrating online sales data into QuickBooks accounting systems. The core StoreFront 5.0 e-commerce platform supports an online commerce feature set includes professional catalog building tools, advanced product inventory management, discounting and e-coupons, CRM, design, sales reporting and site marketing features.

The Accounting Plus product line now supports the extraction of complete customer, order and transaction detail from the StoreFront web store and mapping that data for import into QuickBooks. LaGarde says that it has seen strong, long-term customer demand for the ability to import online sales information into their offline accounting systems, and this release of StoreFront Accounting Plus gives merchants the tools to maintain a single business management system on the QuickBooks platform.

The product is available as a bundled integrated solution as well as an add-on for existing StoreFront merchants. According to the company, the data exchange capabilities may be accessed from any web browser for export to any current version of QuickBooks. Also, LaGarde’s StoreFront Accounting Plus products are designed to support data mapping capabilities to ensure the merchant the ability to migrate data to the appropriate QuickBooks account. Tax collections can be broken down into any number of tax accounts, thereby fully supporting all QuickBooks tax reporting capabilities.

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