Ten Tech Terms For Small Business

Technology evolves and changes faster than just about anything else small businesses face, and so does the language to describe it. Here are ten terms and definitions you might come across in your tech travels. Take a look &#151 at the very least you can impress people at parties.

64-bit computing
SmallBusinessComputing Definition
While it’s not a new technology in the world of supercomputing, 64-bit computing has arrived on desktop PCs. With Microsoft’s long-awaited 64-bit operating system available, it’s only a matter of time until more choices for 64-bit software become available &#151 thereby making 64-bit computing an attractive solution for business and home computing needs.

SmallBusinessComputing Definition
A dual-core processor has many advantages especially for people looking to boost their system’s multitasking computing power. Dual-core processors have two complete execution cores instead of one, providing the operating system sufficient resources to handle intensive tasks in parallel.

IPS (intrusion prevention system)
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Virus and security debates abound, bringing intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) and similar solutions to the forefront of technology. The theory is that by investing in prevention systems, business can save on downtime and recovery with the real-time monitoring and alert benefits provided by an IPS solution.

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Started by hackers, mash-ups are now seen as a new breed of Web-based application. Over the last couple of years, Web services have expanded to become more popular with application developers &#151 and for good reason. Web services technology represents an important way for businesses to communicate with each other and with clients as well. Mash-ups mix at least two different services from disparate, and even competing, Web sites.

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While blogs first appeared in 2004, in 2005 blogs and blogging went mainstream, especially with the introduction of moblogs. Mobile blogging (called mblog or moblog for short) has added to the blogging trend for 2005. With the increased demand for consumer and business mobile devices, we’re certainly not surprised to see moblogging gaining in popularity.

Satellite broadband
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In an attempt to bring faster Internet connection services to homes and businesses where DSL and cable aren’t options, Satellite broadband has been making the news. While DSL and cable still put it to shame, dial-up users are watching this technology with interest.

Spear phishing
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With phishing scams running rampant, so is the information on how to protect yourself and your company from them. Looking to mess up those well-laid-out plans comes the new phishing &#151 spear phishing. In theory, spear phishing is a bit more risky since this type of phishing attack targets a single user or department within an organization, where the e-mail appears to be from someone within the company in a position of trust.

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) definitely gets the vote as “The Term” for 2006. From the capability to place a call to the other side of the world via your Internet connection for free to large corporate and enterprise telephony savings, it looks as if the buzz surrounding VoIP, as hot as this topic already is &#151 is just the beginning.

SmallBusinessComputing Definition
In a world that loves wireless, it’s not surprising see the merger of VoIP and Wi-Fi. The result: VoWiFi, which is essentially the wireless version of the technology that lets people use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls. We expect to hear a lot more buzz about VoWiFi in the coming year.

Web collaboration
SmallBusinessComputing Definition
Saving time and money is on the agenda of every small business, and Web collaboration helps them to achieve this goal. Rather than racking up hours of long distance charges and paying large support teams, small businesses can use Web collaboration packages and tools center to share Web pages with customers while offering voice and text chat assistance or to conduct single or multi-user conferences and seminars.

Adapted from Webopedia.com.

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