Macworld Expo Continues On, But Glory Days Are Gone

SAN FRANCISCO — Macworld Expo continues on without Apple’s participation. The days of overcrowded aisles are gone as are Apple product introductions and the Steve Jobs keynote.

This year’s show, with exhibits limited to one main hall in the Moscone Center, lacked virtually all of the big-name tech companies of the past, with Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) a notable exception.

The biggest individual booth at the show belongs to a company called Sanho, which showed off its HyperMac line of external batteries for Apple’s Macbook line. The company also offers external batteries for the iPhone and iPad.

Longtime Apple user Keith Newman, a principal of Newman Media, said he continues to come to Macworld Expo even without the pull of Jobs and Apple as an exhibitor. “There are a lot of stars in the Apple solar system and Macworld is an opportunity to learn about the new products that are out there,” Newman said.

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