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by Wayne Kawamoto

Turbo Browser 2001
Rating 89

In the old days of computing, many users relied on pre-Windows software utilities such as Xtree, PC Tools, and Mace to make sense of cryptic DOS. In the same way, FileStream’s Turbo Browser 2001 beefs up Windows file management. While Turbo Browser 2001 offers useful features, its capabilities will only appeal to techies. First and foremost, Turbo Browser 2001 works like a powerful version of Windows Explorer, Windows’ built-in file management utility. Using Turbo Browser, you can easily open, view, and manage documents, pictures, and files, and preview most popular-format documents and image files.

The program displays up to seven output windows, which gives lots of flexibility in managing files from different locations in side-by-side panes. The resemblance to Windows Explorer means that the program is intuitive.

Going far beyond the capabilities of a file manager, Turbo Browser allows you to open, preview, copy, rename, and move files to and from FTP servers. The built-in Internet browser lets you surf the Web. However, because it’s displayed in a window, you can’t see as much as when you use Internet Explorer. The program also previews and opens compressed files and includes diagnostic tools that help analyze Internet connections. For die-hard users, the program offers Hex and HTML editing features.

In all, most rank and file business users will find Turbo Browser to be overkill. Users who already manage files using Windows Explorer or “My Computer” can continue as they are (after all, if it isn’t broke, you shouldn’t fix it).

FileStream, Inc.

PROS: Powerful file management with FTP support and HTML editing features

CONS: High-end features will be of little use to many Windows users

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