Iomega Unveils Network-Attached Storage Bundles

Data-storage specialist Iomega recently introduced three new network-attached storage (NAS) bundles designed to provide data backup and recovery for small- to mid-sized businesses. Since recent events have reiterated the need for some type of backup and recovery scheme — from prolific viruses to power outages and powerful storms — Iomega’s timing for the release of its NAS Backup bundles couldn’t be better.

Iomega NAS Backup bundles provide a complete “backup to disk and archive to tape” solution — the bundles are pre-tested and certified to provide backup, recovery, archive, and data protection for medium-sized networks. The bundles are designed to speed up backup and recovery operations by introducing another disk system, the NAS server, into the backup scenario. The result is a more efficient network that is much easier to manage, while retaining the traditional data security advantages of tape archiving.

Iomega NAS Backup bundles include a Windows Powered Iomega NAS server with up to 1.28 TB of capacity, an Iomega Tape autoloader with up to 6.4 TB of backup capacity (compressed), and backup and data protection software from Computer Associates — including BrightStor ARCserve 9.0 and eTrust AntiVirus 7.0 — or Yosemite Technologies TapeWare 7.0. Bundled systems are pre-tested and certified for compatibility by Iomega.

Traditional tape backup systems are restricted by low transfer rates and linear access to stored files. Iomega NAS Backup bundles accelerate day-to-day backups by using a disk-based NAS server for routine backup operations. For added redundancy and to enable secure off-site storage, all files stored on the NAS server can be archived to tape with the Iomega autoloader through a small computer system interface (SCSI) direct connection, which minimizes network traffic. The NAS server and tape autoloader work together as a self-contained system, to ensure that Iomega backup bundles will be compatible with existing servers and backup software.

“The Iomega NAS Backup bundle brings a welcome level of integration to the entry level and mid-range segment of the NAS market,” said Wayne Arvidson, director of worldwide marketing for network storage solutions, Iomega. “Integrating Iomega NAS servers with tape autoloaders and management software delivers the best of both worlds: the short backup and recovery times made possible by the NAS server, and the data security and archive advantages of tape.”

The new Iomega NAS Backup 320m and 640m bundles feature a midrange Windows Powered Iomega NAS server that includes four hot-swappable hard drives in a 1U rack-mount enclosure, a Pentium 4 processor, high-speed error-correction code memory, dual Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports, and a standard SCSI port for tape archiving.

The 320m bundle, with 320 GB of total drive capacity, uses the Iomega Tape 640VS with Yosemite TapeWare 7.0 software for tape backup. The 640m bundle, with 640 GB of total drive capacity, utilizes the Iomega Tape 1600LTO with Computer Associates software for tape archiving.

The new Iomega NAS Backup 1280m bundle relies on a Windows Powered Iomega P800m NAS server with 8 drives in a 2U configuration, dual 2.4GHz Intel Xeon processors with Hyper-Threading technology, dual GbE ports and a Fast Ethernet port. Iomega’s P800 series of NAS servers provide virtually 100 percent uptime thanks to a hot-swappable power supplies, fans and drives. The 1280m bundle, with 960 GB of total drive capacity, uses the Iomega Tape 6400LTO with Computer Associates software for tape archiving.

From now through Sept. 26 Iomega is featuring two introductory specials: an Iomega NAS Backup 320m bundle with 480 GB of NAS storage for the price of 320 GB for $6,999, and an Iomega NAS Backup 640m bundle with 720 GB of NAS storage for the price of 640 GB $12,999. The Iomega NAS Backup 1280m regular list price is $23,999.

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