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Andrew Lock


Some hosting accounts offer some kind of kind of free Web site builder to get you going, but I’ve never found one that produces a good-looking Web site. They all kind of look like Web sites did 15 years ago. But I have found a really good alternative that’s also free. If you want to create a quick, good looking Web site for free, check out Weebly.com. It’s a nifty online Web site creator that is really easy to use.

If you can drag and drop, you can create a Web site with Weebly. There are lots of pre-made templates to choose from, or you can create something completely original from scratch. They’ll host the Web site for you, for free, and they’ll even do that without bombarding your site with advertising. In fact it is completely free from any advertising.

If you don’t currently have a personal Web site — with your name — Weebly is the perfect solution for that, too, because you can get it done really fast, and it’ll look very professional. So head over to GetWeebly.com, and set up a new Web site for yourself today.

GiveAway of the Day

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I don’t know about you, but I just love free stuff. I can’t resist it, so if you’re a fellow freebie fanatic, you’ll love GiveAwayoftheDay.com. It’s a site that offers a cool piece of software, for free, everyday.

These aren’t crappy shareware programs; they’re fully functional versions of software that’s generally handy to have around. There’s all kinds of stuff on there, but be aware that the free version of the software is only available for that 24 hour period. After that you can still find it, but it won’t be free anymore.

I guess the companies that make their stuff available for free are hoping that a bigger audience of surfer dudes will discover their cool software and tell their friends about it. Anyway, that’s for them to figure out. I’m just content to grab some cool software completely free.

Action Envelope

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I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I get envelopes pre-printed like the ones we use to send out our Microwave Marketing training program. It’s got the logo up here in the left-hand corner, and it looks great. This one’s actually in a silver color — if silver is a color, I’m not sure — anyway, the resource that I use for this is ActionEnvelope.com.

It’s actually a lot harder than you might think to find colored envelopes — even black — of this size. But they stuck a whole range of colors, and actually it’s even harder to find someone who will print on them in high quality. So we’re really pleased with Action Envelope — the quality is excellent, so check them out at ActionEnvelope.com.

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