Small Business Hardware: How to Buy a Graphics Cards

The graphics card in your PC colors your entire view of your computing experience, even if “all” you do is spend your day crunching numbers on spreadsheets. What most people don’t know is that a good graphics card can help you be more productive. This buyer’s guide from HardwareCentral will help you understand how a graphics card can improve your overall work experience.

Ask a typical gamer or PC enthusiast which graphics card he wants to go into his next system, and it’s likely that he’ll either have one picked out or can launch into a long discussion of the pros and cons of the contenders he has in mind. But ask a typical business user the same question, and it’s likely that — unless he works in a field that involves a lot of 3D screen work, such as computer-aided design (CAD) — he’s barely given the choice of a graphics card a second thought.

There are some practical reasons for this, of course. For starters, the hardcore gamer is expecting to make regular use of the system in ways that rely heavily on his chosen graphics card(s). He also views the PC in question as something to have fun with, whereas corporate and small business users typically view their desktops as tools needed to get work done.

Read the complete graphics card guide.

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