Review: 10 Must-Have T-Mobile G1 Apps

The T-Mobile G1’s online app market may not be as large as the iPhone’s app store, but it has one advantage: every app is free (for now). You’re probably spending enough money these days, so here are ten fantastic applications that will make your Google phone even better without costing you a thing.


Once you start loading files onto your G1, you’re going to need a simple way to view them. Bender is an elegantly easy tool for navigating your file library. Start it up and it displays your stored files, along with navigation buttons that let you go home (your SD card’s top level), go up a level, go back, or go forward.

Meebo IM

One of most attractively designed G1 apps, Meebo is an instant messaging powerhouse that connects you with AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, Meebo, MSN, and Yahoo servers. Pick the network you want to use, log in with your name and password, and you’ll be chatting in seconds.

Movies and Showtimes

One handy thing about GPS-enabled smartphones is that you never need to enter your address. Open this movie app, let it use your current location, and in moments you’ll get a list of all the movies playing around you. Tap one of them to see times, locations, reviews, ratings, and more.

OI NotePad

There are no frills with this simple notepad application and that’s just the way we like it. When inspiration strikes and we’ve got to jot down a great idea in a hurry, we want a simple, no-hassle notepad like this one. Create a new note or add on to an existing one.

Restaurant Search

Another clever GPS-enabled application, Restaurant Search works in two ways: you can either view the nearest restaurants to your current location or you can view the top restaurants in your area. You’ll get a map view showing their locations. Tap of the markers to get details on that restaurant, including a description and Zagat-like ratings.


What’s that song? Shazam can tell you. If you’ve ever heard a song in a commercial or on a store’s audio system and wondered what it was, then this app is for you. Let it make a quick audio recording of the song and in just a few seconds it will tell you the artist and title. We’ve tried it many times and it’s never missed.


With a high-tech shopping tool like this, we feel like we’re finally living in the future. With ShopSavvy, you can scan the UPC off any product in a store and the app will tell you where to find it online at the lowest price. Use it during your holiday shopping to find deals before you whip out your charge card.

Stream Furious

This isn’t the only streaming music player for the G1, but its our favorite because it doesn’t require creating a user account. Choose from hundreds of streams playing every genre of music. With the variety here, you’ll definitely find something you like.

The Weather Channel

Why is this weather app better than the others you’ll find in the app market? Because it works quickly and delivers The Weather Channel’s reliable forecasts? No. Because you can save multiple locations and easily see their weather reports? No. It’s because it delivery’s The Weather Channel’s own 10-day forecasts, which amusingly prove that even the best can’t predict weather a week-and-a-half away.

T-Mobile Hotspot Connect

With your G1, you can connect for free to T-Mobile WiFi hotspot locations around the country. This app helps you find locations near you. It even provides driving directions, should you need them.

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