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Enjoy this sampling of small business stories from around the Web. From technology and money, to entrepreneurship, marketing, and ecommerce, you’ll find something to help you boost your business.


  • Regardless of where you stand on the issue of climate change, weather around the world has gone crazy (yeah, that’s a technical term). Read this, assuming that you do want your business to survive a natural disaster.
  • Unless you belong to the cult of Apple or Linux, you’ll probably love this news about Microsoft Windows (excuse me now while I enter witness protection).


  • There’s no one way to build a business, which is one reason business advice is so popular. What’s your entrepreneurial preference? Build it fast or build to last?
  • Want healthy, happy and productive employees all year ’round? Shove them out the door for a summer vacation. Even better: lead by example, and watch good things happen to your business.
  • No one wants to spend money on a lawyer. And while you may be tempted to handle certain legal tasks on your own, knowing when to pay for legal advice can save you a lot of money and aggravation.
  • Brand advocate, employee engagement, thought leadership. There’s a lot of good stuff hiding behind the latest business buzzwords. Business is better when you let your employees shine.


  • Tired of trying to second guess Google’s SEO requirements? The company’s cryptic algorithm changes have left many small business owners ripping out their hair. Whatever happened to don’t be evil?
  • You spend time, money and energy crafting the best possible email marketing campaign. And you can ruin it all in 45 words or less.


  • Ah, the fine art of (closing) the deal. Have your salespeople lost it? Help them get it back.
  • No one leaves the house anymore without the trinity of modern life: keys, wallet and cell phone. Learn to turn our national obsession with texting into your next revenue stream.
  • The recession managed to turn the phrase “small business loan” into a four-letter word. But wait: are those signs of life in the small business loan department?


  • You’d be hard pressed to find a world more competitive than selling online. It’s not for the faint of heart or the uneducated. I’m not talking Harvard here…no MBAs required. What you need is a good dose of Internet Commerce Education, or ICE. ColderICE to be exact. Talk to the man who’s been there, done that…and continues to do it the right way.

Friday Fun

  • Every small business needs a business plan and a mission statement. Just please, whatever you do, don’t let this happen to your Mission Statement.

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