10 Holiday Content Marketing Tips for B2B Companies

By Solomon Thimothy

The holiday season rapidly approaches and, for some businesses, it’s a crucial time for increasing sales and achieving revenue goals. But if you’re a B2B business owner, ways to embrace the holiday season may not be so apparent. Unlike retailers who can deck their storefronts with holiday décor, you have limited options when it comes to leveraging the holiday season.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should let your content marketing strategy hibernate for the holidays. Here are 10 tried-and-tested strategies for inspired, powerful B2B content marketing during the holiday season.

Holiday Marketing Tips for B2B Companies

1. Year’s Trends

Trends aren’t just for fashion anymore. You’ll find trends wherever you go. New technology adoption and innovation drive trends, and B2B companies can take advantage of this theme to create holiday-related content. Shoppers love top-product lists, and so do B2B consumers. Use the holidays to provide insight into the best tools or software within your industry for the coming year. Similarly, you can also do a review of the year’s best.

2. End-of-Year Countdowns

Whether it’s the 12 days of Christmas or a countdown to the New Year, this theme can help you get in the spirit while staying true to your audience. Take a broad theme and break it down into multiple elements to create your countdown series. Whether you’re sharing new tidbits or listing the top, best, or worst, you can stretch your content through the season.

Holiday marketing tips for B2B companies

3. The Year in Review

So much shopping happens during the holiday season, it’s no wonder consumers constantly look for product reviews. In the B2B world, reviews can take many forms including in-depth studies and analyses of software, tools, and small business technology. Reviewing the best and worst can be an instant attention-grabber for B2B prospects in the consideration stage of their buying cycle. If you own or operate a software or technology company, you can create engaging content around your favorite features or best new features of the year. 

4. Holiday Characters

The holiday season features both beloved and hated characters—think Santa and Rudolph versus Scrooge and the Abominable Snowman. Add a well-known character to your content for instant holiday appeal while still staying relevant. Whether you use a character metaphorically or as an analogy, you can appeal to the holiday spirit by comparing or creating content from the perspective of a well-known holiday character. 

5. End-of-Year or Beginning-of-Year Checklists

The end of year is synonymous with checklists. Checklist-format content that covers important end-of-year to-dos within your industry is a simple way to provide value to your readers. Whether it’s a checklist to finish out the year, or a checklist to start off the year right, your customers will thank you.

B2B marketing tips for the holidays

6. Holiday Giving

The holidays represent a season of giving, and it’s easy enough to give away something that offers value for readers without breaking the bank. Whether you give away a template, a free stock photo image, or a calendar, making your customers’ and prospects’ lives easier is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Identify something useful for your target personas, and bundle it as a gift.

7. Pop Culture Themes

Take a creative risk with your content by embracing a holiday theme and speaking to your audience from a recognized point of view. Think popular pop culture or childhood themes like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and reinvent your content. Taking existing content like movie plots, children’s books, or songs and injecting your topic or industry can be a creative risk worth taking.

8. Helpful Holiday Guides

While the holidays often mean a bit of downtime in many organizations, especially those outside consumer retail, things still need to get done during the holiday season. Create a useful guide on how to take advantage of the holidays to catch up or get ahead for the coming year.

9. Show Gratitude

Every business has something to be thankful for, and you can create content that demonstrates how thankful you are for your customers. Whether it’s snippets of customer testimonials or a graph of your company’s growth, you can show your gratitude. Using powerful content format such as a video or a slide-share presentation, you can make a little thanks go a long way.

10. Ring in the New Year

Celebrate the New Year by providing your customers useful and valuable strategies. Whether it’s marketing ideas for the New Year or creating easy-to-follow how-tos to help your customers use your software, technology, or service your customers will appreciate it.

Regardless of your industry, incorporating the holiday spirit into your B2B content strategy is easier than you may think. A little creativity and inspiration can help you develop meaningful content with a fun, spirited vibe that your audience will enjoy during the holidays.  

Solomon Thimothy, founder and CEO of Clickx, built his career around a passion for helping other businesses grow an online presence and thrive in the digital world. Solomon works with clients big and small to develop customized marketing strategies. Follow him on Twitter @sthimothy.

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