First Look: HP Offers New IA-32-based Servers and Storage Devices

By SmallBusinessComputing Staff
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Wayne N. Kawamoto
Managing Editor, www.smallbusinesscomputing.com

Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HWP) announced a suite of new products that enhance its IA-32 based server and storage product lines. Designed to be low maintenance and easy to operate, the servers and storage device may help customers maximize uptime and increase operational efficiencies while reducing costs.

According to the company, its new HP IA-32 based servers and the storage system are engineered to strengthen customers' always-on Internet infrastructures. Two of these servers are designed in particular to help small- to medium-sized businesses keep their IT operations running at affordable prices. HP also has added enhanced management tools.

The IA-32 based servers include the following:

- HP Server tc2110: The first Intel Pentium 4-based server from a major vendor, this uni-processor tower server should provide price-conscious small- and medium-sized businesses with server features at a desktop price.

- HP Server tc3100: With a dual-processor Intel Pentium III-based tower server, the HP Server tc3100 may provide small- and medium-sized businesses with easy deployment, back-up, troubleshooting and expansion to support their growth.

- HP Server tc4100: This dual-processor Intel Pentium III-based tower server is designed for workgroup and remote office customers. It is optimized for flexibility and provides uptime protection and manageability.

- HP Server tc6100: Featuring up to two Intel Xeon processors, this tower server provides mid-range corporate customers with high performance, integrated and remote manageability. The HP Server tc6100 is also scalable with an upgrade kit to the four-way HP Server tc7100.

- HP Server tc7100: Offering expandability in a rackable 5U design, this tower server uses up to four Intel Xeon processor MP CPUs and helps provide mid-range enterprise customers with maximum uptime, strong performance and integrated remote manageability.

- HP Server rc7100: A dense 3U rack-optimized server featuring up to four Intel Xeon processor MP CPUs, the HP Server rc7100 is designed for space-constrained enterprise customers.

HP Surestore Disk System 2300: HP also introduced the HP Surestore Disk System 2300, an Ultra160 SCSI storage system that's designed to improve system uptime through hot-swappable components as well as fully redundant power supplies, fans and bus control cards.

For mid-range and enterprise customers who require a flexible, reliable and easily managed high-performance disk storage system for servers, the HP Surestore Disk System 2300 improves the productivity of system users by helping to ensure that they can access data stored on the system, even during most upgrades and repairs. The system holds 14 disks in a 3U SCSI enclosure for up 1 terabyte of storage.

HP also introduced software products that include:

- Rapid Deployment: HP's rapid deployment software should help customers deploy multiple local or remote HP IA-32 based servers simultaneously from a single desktop or notebook PC.

- Plug-and-play Linux: HP's Linux optional preloaded software is designed to recognize the server on the LAN the first time it is turned on, whether a keyboard and monitor are attached or not. It can be used standalone as a pre-configured file and print server (Samba) or Web server (Apache) or for firewall and caching in a larger end-to-end solution. Server addresses are discovered and the whole server can be managed and changed from any client browser. The plug-and-play Linux option is available on select new and existing HP IA-32 based servers.

- HP has made it easier to troubleshoot servers with a simple-to-read internal LED panel that shows the opening status of key server components allowing customers to quickly identify and replace failed components.

Pricing and Availability

HP Server tc2110 will cost $1,099 and be available in mid-April.

HP Server tc3100 will cost $1,499 and be available in mid-April.

HP Server tc4100 will cost $2,599 and be available in mid-April.

HP Server tc6100 will cost $4,399 and be available in mid-May.

HP Server tc7100 will cost $7,149 and be available in mid-May.

HP Server rc7100 will cost $8,469 and be available in mid-May.

HP Surestore Disk System 2300 will cost $3,150 and be available in April.
This article was originally published on March 13, 2002

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