Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: April Edition

By Aaron Weiss | Posted April 17, 2009

Many years ago I thought that Alex Trebek was the smartest man in the world. After all, he knew the answers to everything! Well, it turns out the answers are fed to him. I know, right? Who knew? Now I wonder who told him to shave his mustache. My point is, it only seemed like Alex Trebek knew everything. Likewise, it is only natural that each month, I tend to choose wireless networking questions for which I think there's a good chance I know what to say.

But, I also receive questions that are real stumpers. Some are stumpers because they ask for the impossible, like "can you tell me the password to my neighbor's Wi-Fi network?" No, I can't, even if I knew it (which I don't). Others are more like head-scratchers. I may have an inkling what the problem might be, but can't really be sure. Enter the wisdom of the crowd. So this month, we take a look at a few questions that I kinda maybe perhaps have a thought or two about, but could really use your input on. Of course, you're always welcome to share your two cents about anything you read here, but this month especially, we invite your ideas!

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