Safely Share Your Wireless Internet: Part II

By Eric Geier
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In Part I of this two-part series, we discovered that we can turn an inexpensive wireless router into a hotspot gateway with CoovaAP, to offer wireless Internet access to visitors. To turn our mundane router into a hotspot, we uploaded the open source firmware to a Linux-based router. We also covered how to set up the internal captive portal with different registration modes and configured the simple bandwidth limiting feature.

In this part, we'll finish setting up the internal hotspot features by customizing the portal pages. This lets you adapt the login or ToS (Terms of Service) pages to your organization's brand or your personal tastes. We'll also discover how to take advantage of Coova's free services to centrally manage and control the hotspot(s).

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This article was originally published on April 07, 2009
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