First Look: PestPatrol Version 4.0

By SmallBusinessComputing Staff | Posted October 31, 2002
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Wayne N. Kawamoto
Managing Editor, www.smallbusinesscomputing.com

PestPatrol recently released an updated version of its PestPatrol that is designed to detect and eliminate destructive internet pests.

New features in version 4 include:

  • Separate spyware database for improved spyware detection.
  • Intelligent reporting that may indicate the threat levels of pests detected and offer advice on appropriate action.
  • Custom selection of what pests to detect, which should allow focused detection on specific vulnerabilities.
  • A new control terminal that provides access to all the modules via the System Tray.
  • An updated interface that should be easier to use.

Users may download a trial version of PestPatrol at the company's web site at www.pestpatrol.com.

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